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Financial Consultation

Most business owners today fail to realize that their business is a separate legal entity independent of them and use all of the company's revenue as if it were their own. In this case, it is inevitable that your company's financial structure will deteriorate and go bankrupt. As Katser, we analyze your company's invoices, bank statements and balance sheet, and prepare monthly and annual reports for your business to achieve a healthier financial development.



Don't know how to calculate VAT, invoice and bank tracking? Or is your accounting unit unable to keep up with the work this month? Don't worry, our experienced accountants are at your service with hourly and monthly packages for whatever you need.

ülke bayrakları

Political Consultation

Today, although most countries or political parties dominate their own country, they are insufficient to listen to the developments abroad and the pulse of the people. Our consultants within Katser closely follow the whole world politics and international political agenda globally, have the ability to travel to the countries you want to collect information and prepare political reports for you.


şehrin silueti

Real Estate

Do you want to buy real estate from another country? Most real estate agents can sell you any real estate, but Katser does more than that. Katser Consultancy helps you to find the most comfortable living area by analyzing the development and criminal events in the last 50 years in the region where the real estate you will buy is located. Remember! cheap, sometimes it is cheap because it is not safe.

Marka stratejisi

Market research

Engaged in import and export, do you want to supply the highest quality product for your company at the lowest cost? According to your field of activity, our field personnel provides preliminary negotiations with companies in various countries, creating the most advantageous commercial agreements for you, and you only have to approve and sign!

Posta Kutuları


Do you need information about logistics? We can bring you together with the most reliable and affordable logistics companies in the countries where you will operate, and help your trade to continue without any problems!

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