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Privacy Policy

All visitors who access or benefit from this website named Katser Consultancy will be deemed to have accepted the following terms and warnings from the beginning.


Terms of use Content: All rights of the contents of Katser Consultancy are reserved. In terms of information sharing, these contents can only be used on other platforms by placing any of the links below at the bottom of the article or on your site or social media profile.

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If you do not accept and do not apply the above conditions, we have the right to apply all kinds of legal conditions in accordance with the relevant laws in the country you are affiliated with.


Privacy Policy As Katser Consultancy, we respect your privacy rights and make maximum efforts with Google to ensure this during your time on our site. Some important explanations regarding the security of your personal information are explained below and presented for your information.


Routine Information Gathering: All websites record simple information about their visitors. This information recorded for statistical purposes; These are standard information such as your ip address, your internet service provider, your browser's features, your operating system, and your entry-exit pages to the site. This information does not personally identify any visitors as certain persons, and is recorded for the purpose of performing routine management and maintenance operations.


Cookies And Web Beacons: Some applications used in Katser Consultancy store user settings and web history information using cookies in order to provide user-specific content and/or better serve the user when necessary. In addition, advertising partners and third-party applications may save user information through cookies, web beacons or scripts to provide useful information and display advertisements. In this case, advertising services and third-party applications store user information on their own servers and their own privacy policies apply.


Privacy Control: If you have doubts about the collection of user information, we remind you that you have the option to disable cookies in the browser settings. While doing this, we do not recommend that you cancel cookies for all sites, as it may create confusion on some sites you use. We recommend making site-specific adjustments. You can search your browser's documentation for information about site-specific blocking of cookies. You can also get useful information by looking at the privacy management lists of web browsers.

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